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All-Stars Rules & Regulations


SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on other scheduling conflicts, but this is what has been communicated thus far

District Play 2022


7's - Blue Gray - Around June 1st

8's - Blue Gray - Around June 1st

9's  - June 4 - 12

10's - June 17 - 26

11's - June 21 - 29

12's - June 24 - July 1

13's Intermediates June 17-26

14's Jr.s  - June 24 - July 1



Intermediate / Jr - July 1- July 7

10's, 11's, Majors,  July 2-12



Intermediate estimated July 8 - 14

10's, 11's, Majors, Jr.'s (Tyler) estimated July 16 - 24



Intermediate (Houston) estimated July 22 - 27

Majors (Waco) Aug 3 - 9

Jr.s (Albuquerque) Aug 6-10


World Series 

Intermediate (Livermore, CA) July 31 - Aug 7

Majors (Williamsport, PA.) Aug 17 - 28

Jr.'s (Taylor, MI.) Aug. 14-21

All-Star General Info

All-star play consists of the following:

For Pee Wee (7U and 8U), the teams are announced at closing ceremonies.  The teams typically play a tournament the weekend after the season ends (at Westbury), a tournament over Memorial Day weekend (at First Colony) and the Blue Gray Tournament (location TBD) that starts the Tuesday after Memorial Day and covers the end of May and the first week of so of June.  Typically, the teams practice almost every day between the tournaments starting the Monday after closing ceremonies.

For 9U (9 yr old Minors), the team is announced at closing ceremonies.  The team typically plays a tournament over Memorial Day weekend and the District 16 All-Star Tournament the 1st/2nd week of June.  The team typically practices almost every day between the tournaments starting the Monday after closing ceremonies.

For 10U, 11U and 12U (10 yr old Minors, 11 yr old Majors, 12 yr old Majors), the teams are announced on June 1 as required by LL USA.  They will play the District 16 All-Star tournament which starts in mid-June, the 11's start around mid-June and the 12's the last week of June (approximately).  If a team does well, they could stay alive in the tournament for a week to 10 days.  If any of these teams win the district, the team can advance to further rounds such as State, Regional or for 12's, the LL World Series.

Coaches Info


For post season tournaments that are not the league recognized ones (Blue/Grey or District 16), the team is considered a 'tournament team' for those events and separate insurance is required.  Contact Aaron Conte for additional information on this ( or

For Blue/Grey and District play, the league has liability insurance that will apply to each team playing.  A copy will be provided to each manager.


Westbury LL will provide jerseys and hats for the players on all age group all-star teams.  The jerseys will not come with names on them, but this can be handled much like the teams handled their season uniforms.

As teams are entered under a 'tournament team name', they are free to obtain additional jerseys with that team name if desired.  They can wear the all-star jerseys, but will not be able to utilize the 'Westbury All-Stars' name designation.

Tourney / Umpire Fees

Entry fees for non league sanctioned post season tournaments are the responsibility of the teams (typically $450-$500 per tourney)

For the Blue/Grey, there is no fee, but each team must pay the umpire at the plate.  WLL will reimburse the coach/team for this expense.  Discuss with Aaron Conte on setting up a plan on how to be reimbursed.


Practice frequency, times and durations are at the discretion of the team manager.  The 'limited touches' rule no longer applies.

Typically, there are 6 teams practicing during 'all-star' season.  Field assignments are prioritized based on several factors

Games played, location, upcoming tournaments, etc all play into scheduling practices.  If Westbury is hosting play for one of the age groups, then that team may get some priority on the fields that they will play on in the tournament.

Please be flexible as most teams will end up not having a "set field" for all-star practices.