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Umpire History & Information

Westbury Umpire History

Westbury Little League has a group of “unsung heroes” that most of you do not even know. These are the members of the Westbury Little League Tournament umpire staff. This group umpires the Tournaments hosted by Texas District 16 and surrounding Districts as well as our Sectional and surrounding sectional Tournaments. The majority of Westbury families do not recognize these men because they do not call games where Westbury teams play for impartiality reasons. The members of the Westbury Little League Tournament Umpire Staff have been on this staff ranging from 5 to 24 years. They have continued their volunteer duties well after their children have finished their Westbury Little League playing career. The following is a listing of some of the accomplishments members of the Westbury Umpires have achieved during the past few years, and will be achieving this year. Westbury Little League is fortunate to have representing this fine league, the most highly recognized and highest qualified and experienced umpire staff in all of the Southern United States.


Bobby Marshall: Westbury, LL Tournament Umpire 1984 – present; LL State Umpire 1993 – 1999, 2005; LL Southern Region 1999; European Region 2003 – 2007; TransAtlantic Region 2006 – 2007; Southwest Region 2005; Little League World Series 2005.


Westbury History; Bobby Marshall, 2005 Little League World Series


Mike Brigle: Westbury Tournament Umpire 1993 – present; State Umpire 2002 – 2004, Big League Regional 2004, Senior Southwest Regional 2005 – 2006; Senior League World Series 2007.


Kelly McSwain: Westbury Tournament Umpire 1993 – present; Professional Umpire School 1999, Senior State Tournament 2005 – 2007.


David Smith: Westbury Tournament Umpire 2000 – present; Little League State Tournament 2006 – 2007.


Randy Wright: Westbury Tournament Umpire 1990 – present; State Umpire 1996 – 2001,2003, 2005; Senior Regional 2002,2004; Big League State 2005, Senior League World Series 2003.


Bob Hatter: Westbury Tournament Umpire 1988 – 1993, 2001 – present; State Umpire 1997 – 2000, Southern Region 2000, Southwest Region 2002, Texas East State Umpire Evaluator 2003 – 2005, Selected to Little League World Series – 2006.

Lost his battle with Cancer Dec.2005.


David Gray: Westbury Tournament Umpire 1984 – 2001; Former Westbury LL President 1983, State LL Umpire 1985 – 1990,, State Senior Umpire 1991 – 1995, 1998; Southern Region LL 1990,; Southern Region Big League 1993; Southwest Region 2003; Big League World Series 1994, Little League World Series 2004