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May - Clutch City Classic


Co-hosted by Westbury Little League and Bellaire Little League.

May 20-21, 2023


12U - Post Oak Donkeys

11U - Post Oak

10U - First Colony (Hudson)

9U - Bellaire Cardinals

8U - First Colony Blue

7U - Westbury Blue


This tournament is tune-up for the upcoming District and All-star tournaments and therefore will follow Little League rules.

7U -12U divisions

Tournament Fee:  $650/team

3 games minimum:  2 pool games on Saturday + elimination round on Sunday

Little League rules (USA bats, closed bases, etc.) 

See tournament specific rules below.

Little League Age (August 31st cut-off)

To register email the Tournament Director:

Registration is closed, teams can be added to the waitlist.

From the Director

Pay Attention to what campus your games are on!!!

I need your insurance, waiver/roster, and payment before your first game.

No metal cleats allowed.


Dustin Nicholson

Westbury Tournament Director

 Games Schedule and Standings and Pitch Out Counts

(see spreadsheet tabs way to the right for pitch out counts)

Batting Cage Assignments

(the spreadsheet has a tab for Westbury Cages and a tab for Bellaire Cages)

Field Locations

Westbury Little League

5301 Dryad Dr, Houston, TX 77035


Bellaire Little League (3 campuses):


Bellaire Weston (Jessamine) - no cleats allowed

7008 5th St, Bellaire, TX 77401


Bellaire Tiras (Mulberry Park - it's hidden behind houses, look for a sign) - no cleats allowed

700 Mulberry Ln, Bellaire, TX 77401


Bellaire Horn - Kindle & Fox Fields

4535 Pine St, Bellaire, TX 77401

7U Division - FULL

Westbury Blue 7U

Westbury Red 7U

Bellaire Cardinals 7U

Bellaire White 7U

West U 7U

West U Wildcats 7U

First Colony Red 7U

First Colony Blue 7U

* 7U is full, teams can be put on a waitlist



10U Division - FULL

Westbury 10U (1)

Westbury Thunder 10U (2)

Bellaire Cardinals 10U

West U National 10U

West U American 10U

First Colony 10U (1)

First Colony Patriots 10U (2)

Post Oak Texans 10U

*10U is full, teams can be put on a wait list


Westbury Wreckers 8U

Bellaire Cardinals 8U

First Colony Blue 8U

First Colony White 8U

Lamar Blue 8U

Lamar Red  8U

Bear Creek 8U (1)

Bear Creek 8U (2)

West U Wranglers

*8U is full, teams can be put on a wait list



Westbury 11U (1)

Westbury Warriors 11U (2)

Bellaire Cardinals 11U

Bellaire Beast 11U

Post Oak 11U

Northwest 45 National 11U

Northwest 45 American 11U

Needville Hooks 11U

* 11U is full, teams can be put on a wait list


Westbury Blue (DeLaTorre) 9U

Westbury Red (Ellis) 9U

Bellaire Cardinals 9U

Bellaire White 9U

First Colony Mavericks 9U

First Colony Chargers 9U 

West Sugar Land 9U

West U National 9U

West U American 9U

Houston Heights 9U

*9U is full,  teams can be put on a wait list


Westbury 12U

Bellaire Bombers 12U

West U National 12U

West U Spartans 12U

Post Oak Donkeys 12U

Needville 12U

Contact the Tournament Director for any additional information required

Historical Results

Tournament Committee Information