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Intermediate & Junior

Bellaire & Westbury Join for 13/14U Intermediate & Juniors

SIGN UP NOW for the Combined 13U/14U Intermediate/Junior League with Westbury & Bellaire LLs

For 2020, Westbury LL and Bellaire LL will create a combined division to provide enough players to form teams at the 13U/14U level.

Click Here for Registration for Westbury/Bellaire Intermediate/Junior Divisions

At this point in time, it is uncertain whether we will have individual 13 Intermediate and 14 Junior teams or if it will be a combined 13/14 aged Junior team.

The Junior team will play on 54/80 sized field using Westbury LL's Senior field as their primary location, but other locations may be used as well.

Depending on the number of players, we could form individual post-season teams regardless how the schedule is played.

If you would like to provide input on Intermediate/Junior preferences please take this short survey to provide your feedback.

Westbury / Bellaire Intermediate & Juniors Feedback Survey

Intermediate/Juniors FAQ

Q:  Where will the Intermediate & Juniors play?

A:  We don't have the facilities sorted out 100%, but the Westbury LL Senior Field will be the venue for most home games/practices.


Q:  Who will coach the teams?

A:  League volunteers from each team will coach/manage the teams.


Q:  Are there volunteer umpire requirements?  Who will umpire the games?

A:  The league will provide umpires for the games through a local umpire scheduling service.


Q:  Will there be away games?

A:  Almost definitely.  Westbury/Bellaire combined teams will play inter-league with other surrounding Little Leagues.  This could be West U and Post Oak as far as travel distance, but it could also be Bear Creek and Katy.


Q:  What size is the field for 13U Intermediate?

A:  Typical 13U division plays on a 50/70 field per LL rules.  If we have a dedicated Intermediate division, this is what will be used.


Q:  What size is the field for 14U Juniors?

A:  Typical 14U division plays on a 54/80 or 60/90 field per LL rules.  If we have a Junior division, it is very likely the 54/80 will be used, but we will need to consult the teams  we will be competing against.


Q:  Can my player play on the middle school team as well as the Int/Junior division?

A:  Yes.  Any league games missed due to school games do not count in the player's game eligibility for post season.


Q:  What days will the games be held?

A:  We are not yet certain of the schedule for games, but we will endeavor to accommodate middle school players as well as select players.  Many leagues play their older divisions on Sunday afternoons.  We do not have our schedule set at this time.


Q:  My neighboring LL does not have an Intermediate Division for my 13 yr old.  Can I sign up and will the player be eligible for post season play?

A:  You can definitely sign up and play with us.  Post season eligibility is not certain even if there is no other league.  If the player goes to school within the WBLL boundaries, then definitely yes.  If you don't live or go to school in our boundary, then the waiver process may grant eligibility, but it is not certain.