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Intermediate & Junior

Intermediate/Junior FAQ

Q:  Where will the teams play?

A:  Westbury LL Senior Field will be the venue for practices and any home games.  Games will be played at Westbury, West U and other locations as necessary depending on game schedules with other leagues.


Q:  How much is player enrollment?

A:  $300 per player includes a jersey and hat and includes umpires for the season.


Q:  How are teams determined?

A:  Depending on enrollment, the league will have an evaluation day and coaches will then draft players to their teams based on the skills that they witnessed at the evaluation day.


Q:  When are evaluations?

A:  Evaluations will be in late January, probably on a Sunday afternoon and will be held at Westbury Senior Field.  The exact time and date of these evaluations will be determined once we understand enrollment and the number of teams required.


Q:  Where will the Intermediates play?

A:  Practices will be at the Westbury Senior Field.  In 2020, games were held in conjunction with the West U Intermediate division at the South Campus.  We hope this will be a continued plan, but do not know until closer to the season based on enrollment of each league or if inter-league with another league will be scheduled.


Q:  Who will coach the teams?

A:  League volunteers from each team will coach/manage the teams.  External coaches are welcome to be found by the teams independently from the league.  Any coaches must pass the background check in order to be able to participate as a coach.


Q:  Can I play in a division that is NOT my age?

A:  You can play up a division at your request.  During enrollment, you will be able to select a division from the the eligible divisions.  You may not play 'down' in a division less than your age without special permission from the Senior Divisions Coordinator.


Q:  Are there volunteer umpire requirements?  Who will umpire the games?

A:  The league will provide umpires for the games through a local umpire scheduling service.  This is included in the enrollment fee.


Q:  Will there be away games?

A:  Almost definitely.  Westbury combined teams will play inter-league with other surrounding Little Leagues.  This could be West U or First Colony, Missouri City and Post Oak as far as travel distance, but it could also be Memorial Ashford, Bear Creek and Katy.


Q:  What size is the field for 13U Intermediate?

A:  Typical 13U division plays on a 50/70 field per LL rules.  If we have a dedicated Intermediate division, this is what will be used.


Q:  What size is the field for 14U Juniors?

A:  Typical 14U division plays on a 54/80 or 60/90 field per LL rules.  For our Junior division, if we inter-league with West U, 60/90 will be used.  


Q:  Can my player play on the school team as well as the Intermediate/Junior division?

A:  Yes.  Any league games missed due to school games do not count in the player's game eligibility for post season.  Additionally, the leagues all try and take school schedules into account as much as possible when creating season schedules.


Q:  What days will the games be held?

A:  We are not yet certain of the schedule for games, but we will endeavor to accommodate middle school players as well as select players.  Intermediate/Junior games will likely be scheduled around schools and played Monday - Thursday evenings throughout the spring.  In 2021, Intermediate games were played on Tues/Thurs and Junior games played on Mon/Wed for the most part.


Q:  My neighboring LL does not have an Intermediate Division for my 13 yr old.  Can I sign up and will the player be eligible for post season play?

A:  You can definitely sign up and play with us.  Post season eligibility is not certain even if there is no other league.  If the player goes to school within the boundaries of any of our 3 partner leagues, then definitely yes.  If you don't live or go to school in our boundary, then the waiver process may grant eligibility, but it is not certain.  


Q:  How will All-stars work for this league?

A:  The Little League governing body has to approve combined all-star teams in addition to and separately from approving combined leagues.  Each leagues enrollment in the combined leagues will determine if we are able to field an all-star team or if we are required to divide players back out for all-stars.  This answer could be different for each of the 3 divisions.  This is largely based on overall enrollment from the 3 partnering leagues.  This will NOT be known prior to season starting as Little League District 16 and our Region will make this determination during the season.

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