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Fall Ball 2020



Quick Facts

  1. Ages
    1. ​​Your 'age' is the age for the Spring 2021 season - NOT the season that was just completed in Spring 2020.
    2. Westbury Little League allows anyone to play who is baseball age 4-12 years old.
    3. We will not be able to offer Intermediate/Junior/Senior in Fall 2020, but we will be targeting having these divisions in Spring 2021!
    4. Please click here to find out your child's Little League baseball age.  Check for the 2021 Little League Baseball Age!
  2. Divisions
    1. ​Majors Division (11-12 Year Olds)
      1. ​​​Kid Pitch
    2. Minors Division (9-10 Year Olds)
      1. ​Kid Pitch
    3. Pee Wee Division (7-8 Year Olds)
      1. ​Machine Pitch (40 MPH)
    4. Junior Machine Pitch (6 Year Olds)
      1. ​Machine Pitch (28 MPH)
    5. Tadpole Division (4-5 Year Olds)
      1. ​Tee Ball
  3. Cost
    1. Additional operational costs such as cleaning, equipment and sanitizing procedures have necessitated a small increase to our fall enrollment fee.
    2. Enrollment fee for Fall 2020 will be $175/player and includes a jersey and hat as the uniform.
  4. Evaluations
    1. ​​Evaluations are not held for Fall Ball.
    2. Teams are formed by the Fall Ball Coordinator
  5. Play Up/Down Rule
    1. ​If you would like to play in a different division than your baseball age, you must apply to the Fall Ball Coordinator who will review all requests with the VP Baseball and Baseball Committee.
  6. Draft
    1. ​​There are no drafts for Fall Ball
  1. Player or Team Requests
    1. Coach or player pairing requests will be evaluated and met where possible.
    2. We cannot guarantee that your request will be met.
    3. Email your team/coach request to
  2. ​Team
    1. ​You will find out your child's team and practice night via communication from your coach in early September
    2. we are not able to predict what nights teams will practice.
  3. Practices
    1. ​Most divisions have 1 practice and 1 game per week
    2. if you have a specific night you can't practice that can typically be honored, but it may conflict with your coach request.  Please understand your priority if requesting a coach and a practice night.
  4. Games
    1. ​The season is scheduled for ~8 games.
    2. Games are scheduled on Sunday afternoons, but will be varied this season due to the number of Jewish holidays that fall on Sunday.
    3. Games will not be held on Saturdays.
    4. There may be some weekday games depending on the needs for weather make up games.
    5. Games run from early September through mid-November (often times with make ups from rain outs the season ends the weekend before Thanksgiving)