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2019 Spring Season

Welcome to the 2019 Spring Baseball Season at Westbury Little League

Quick Facts

  1. Ages
    1. ​​Westbury Little League allows anyone to play who is baseball age 4-12 years old.
    2. Please click here to find out your child's Little League baseball age.  Check for the 2019 Little League Baseball Age!
  2. Divisions
    1. ​Majors Division (11-12 Year Olds - DRAFT)
      1. ​​​Kid Pitch
    2. Minors Division (9-10 Year Olds-DRAFT)
      1. ​Kid Pitch
    3. Pee Wee Division (7-8 Year Olds-DRAFT)
      1. ​Machine Pitch (40 MPH)
    4. Junior Machine Pitch (6 Year Olds)
      1. ​Machine Pitch (28 MPH)
    5. Tadpole Division (4-5 Year Olds)
      1. ​Tee Ball
  3. Evaluations
    1. ​​Evaluations will be held by Little League ages for the 2019 season.
    2. All Divisions except Tadpole and Junior Machine Pitch (6 Year Olds) will have evaluations. Evaluations are currently scheduled for January 26th weekend.  You will be notified before that weekend of your player's evaluation time.
    3. If your child cannot make evaluations, what happens?  Answer:  All children will be placed on a team.
  4. Play Up/Down Rule
    1. ​The Baseball Committee and Board has approved the new Play Up/Play Down Rule for 2019 and future.  
    2. See the Team Placement & Age Rules for further details on your specific situation.
  5. Draft
    1. ​​Majors, Minors, and Pee Wee will be a draft in order to form teams.
    2. Tadpole teams & Junior Machine Pitch will be randomly selected.
  6. Player or Team Requests
    1. The Tadpole Division is the only division we can accept player and/or team requests.  However, requests are not guaranteed.  We will do our best to accommodate when possible.
  7. ​Team
    1. ​You will find out your child's team via communication from your coach within a week after evaluations.
  8. Practices
    1. ​Most divisions can have up to 3 contacts per week.  That could be any combination of practice & games.
    2. Tadpole division can only have 2 contacts per week.  That could be any combination of practices & games.
    3. Practices start after February 6th
  9. Games
    1. ​Depending on which division your child is participating, your team could play between 10-16 games during the season.

The Registration "2019 Spring Season" is not currently available.

Spring Registration Deadline & Refund Policy

Spring Registration Deadline

The deadline for the 2019 Spring Season registration is January 26, 2019.  You must register your player before the January 26th date.  There will be an additional $50.00 late fee for registrations received on or after January 27th assuming your division still has spaces available.

Refund Policy

You may request a refund up to January 27th, 2019 by email  There will be a $25.00 penalty on all refunds prior to January 27th, 2019.

No refunds will be provided after January 28th, 2019 date, no exceptions!